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Gummy Candies are a relatively new invention …
a brief history of Gummy Candy …


The first gummy candy (shaped like teddy bears) where invented by a German named Hans Riegal in the 20's, who founded the HARIBO Company. 


The name of the Company is composed of the name
Hans Riegal and Bonn in Germany. Only in 1982, he began to manufacture his gumdrops in the U.S.A. Disney studios quickly purchased the rights to use the teddy bear shaped figures and created an animated program called "gummi bears", which was a smash hit. A year before that, in 1981, another German called Trolli, invented the famous worm shaped gumdrops.


No one believed that the worm shaped candy will be so successful and in a short period, the candy was crowned the most popular gumdrop in the world. Since then dozens of types of gumdrops have been developed …


We are the lucky ones!

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